Flooring Vol. 2

Design, Life cycle, Case studies, DETAIL Practice 2

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ISBN/EAN: 9783955533144
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The surfaces and the composition of flooring contribute significantly to how we perceive and assess the atmosphere and quality of rooms. At the same time, floors are expected to meet the enormous demands placed on a heavily burdened building component. The publication provides a planning tool that can be used when designing flooring constructions and surfaces. In addition to offering sound theoretical foundations, it provides assistance with decision-making and contains information on various materials, structures and related requirements. Successfully implemented examples are highlighted in an inviting project section, providing inspiration to readers. Volume 2 focusses on historical developments, with a particular emphasis on flooring as an architectural design element, sustainability concerns and issues often faced during renovations/modernisation. Corresponding case studies of successfully completed projects can serve as inspiration for the reader's own projects.