How Much I Care - Miami Nights, Book 2 (Unabridged) - Cover

How Much I Care - Miami Nights, Book 2 (Unabridged)

Hörbuchdownload - Miami Nights, Sprecher: Rachel Fulginiti/Connor Crais

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Austin Sitting at the top of my game, pitching for Baltimore and being a single daddy to the most adorable little girl in the world, I'm living the dream. But then I get a dreaded call saying that Everly is sick. My entire world stops when the doctors say the only chance my baby has is a bone-marrow transplant. My life becomes a living nightmare as I wage war to save my daughter. Nothing else matters-not my Cy Young Award, not my career, not my team, and not my talent. None of that can fix her. She needs a miracle. What we get is a stranger... and Maria just might save us both. Maria My life in Miami might not be glamorous, but it is rewarding. I divide my time between working as a nurse at a free clinic and waitressing at my family's Cuban-Italian restaurant. After being cheated on by my long-time boyfriend, I'm not exactly looking for Mr. Right... but I wouldn't kick him out of bed if he suddenly showed up. Six months after I donated bone marrow to a little girl in Baltimore, I get an email from the child's grateful father, but everything is anonymous until the one-year mark. I'm desperate to know more about him. The last thing I expect him to be is a gorgeous famous ballplayer. One email becomes another until we find ourselves caught up in a friendship neither of us expected but we both desperately need. Suddenly, I'm falling in love with a man I've never met.