Training in the Workplace (kartoniertes Buch)

Management, Work and Organisations
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Auflage: 1. Auflage 2000
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Aimed at MBA and Masters students and Human Resources Professionals, Training in the Workplace provides an experience-led analysis of workplace training and development. Drawing on both critically informed empirical research and on Trainer expertise, the book presents the view that the workplace, and specifically workplace training, is a site of conflict between labour and management. In order to give a full view of the issues, tensions and complexity of learning in the workplace, the authors analyse the procedures, resources and outcomes of training, learning and workplace socialisation. Training in the Workplace offers postgraduate and post-experience students and professionals a critical and engaging insight into the workplace as a problematic, contested but significant site of learning.
HELEN RAINBIRD is Professor of Industrial Relations at University College Northampton and an Associate Fellow at the Industrial Relations Research Unit at the University of Warwick. She has researched and written on the interface between industrial relations and vocational training and has a particular interest in trade unions and workplace learning. Her research interests include the comparative European Dimension on training policy and institutions; the relationship between access to learning and inequality at work; and the concept of apprenticeship as a model of learning. She has a close working relationship with the public sector union, UNISON.